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Anxiety, perfectionism, and a desire to be in control are just a few of life’s challenges that have kept me from being present. As a long-time meditator and yoga practitioner, I always longed to deepen my knowledge and experiences in both yoga and meditation.


My Mission.

a mindful life

Ever watch the tv show, This is Us? It's beautiful. I keep thinking about the episode where one of the main characters, who is adopted, very stressed out and overworked (even to the point of getting panic attacks), finally meets his biological father who is dying of cancer. The two had very little time together, before he found out his father was dying.

The son realized his dad's impact on the world because people from all walks of life came by to give their condolences. But it really hit him when the mailman stopped in to ask about the father. Upon hearing about a nearly fatal heart attack, the mailman starts to cry. The mailman tells the son that he had connected with his father through their daily walks. The son never suspected his father even knew the mailman's name, much less that he was walking daily with him.

Not long after, the son walks into his firm and quits his job. When asked why, he says, "Because I want to walk with the mailman".

I can't help but think this tv character represents so many of us in our daily lives: stressed-out, overworked and barely able to spend time with our families or for that matter, with ourselves.

I'm not proposing that we should all go out and quit our jobs by any means. What I am proposing is that being present to our everyday experiences can be used as a powerful tool for many of us to achieve greater insight into our own experiences and even healing. This can lead us to become more compassionate with one another and maybe even 'walk with the mailman' from time-to-time.

There is power in story. There is power in being present.

That is my mission; to help us heal together through mindfulness & storytelling.

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